Before I read this in-depth article on journalist curators, I had never heard of the practice. I have, however heard of other types of curators such as a museum curator, who keeps track of the museums’ important collections. Although I had never heard the term ‘journalism curator,’ I have, in many instances, seen their work. Now more than ever, in this age of technology, media and information travels quickly and abundantly and it would only make sense to have a person in charge of synthesizing all that information. By doing so, the curator makes it easy on their audiences to get a good picture of what’s going on in the world, without having to sift through countless web pages to find top stories.

But like just about everything involving media, biases are present. There can in fact be right-wing and left-wing journalistic curators, for example. In one case, the right-winger would distribute information only espousing their own conservative beliefs, where the left-winger would do the same with his or her liberal beliefs. Some curators may acclaim themselves as unbiased, fair curators. However, even these journalists will still undoubtedly be skewed, due to the stories and information they do not chose to share with the world.

Despite their battles with biases, curators still can be very important to the world of media. Perhaps one of the best parts about journalistic curators is that it can be everyday people just passing along information they are passionate about, as Anthony DeRosa discusses in the article. “We all have access to pretty much the same information sources, aside from the investigation and journalism that people at news agencies perform. There’s enough out there for someone who simply wants to be a helpful guide, to plant their flag and be a good resource for whatever it is they’re interested in.” Even more exciting is the creation of web sites such as RRS and Twitter which allow users to not only transmit information of their choice to their followers, but also to follow other curators. By doing so, each user can chose what curators they want to subscribe to, and in the end, get the media they want to see.


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