In just seven minutes, 10,00 free tickets for Joe Paterno’s memorial service, which were made available to the public, were quickly snatched.

The service was held on Thursday at the Penn State basketball arena, the Bryce Jordan Center. It will also be broadcast live on the Big Ten Network and streamed live on and

Paterno, the winningest coach in college football history, died of cancer on January 22, at the age of 85. He had been fired just two months prior due to allegations that Paterno knew about multiple cases of child sex abuse by his assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky.

Paterno was named head coach at Penn State prior to the start of the 1966 season.

Despite the solemn end to Joe Paterno’s reign at Penn State, he was still supported by much of the Penn State student body. The hype behind the memorial service, the long lines at the public visitation, and the controversy over memorial service tickets served as stark evidence that Paterno is still an icon at Penn State.

The memorial serivce tickets, meant to go to mourning fans of Paterno, ended up in the hands of some hoping to make a profit from the memorial service. Minutes after the tickets given out to the public, dozens of ads appeared on eBay, offering the sale of tickets to other eBay users.

Paterno was fired Nov. 9, 2011 in the wake of the child-sex scandal that rocked the Penn State Community.

Amanda Coffee, an eBay spokeswoman, said the site has controls to remove inappropriate advertisements and listings. “eBay doesn’t allow the sale of tickets to events in which all tickets are free to the public,” according to Coffee. All ads seeking money in exchange for the tickets were taken down.


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