The corner who presided over the death of Amy Winehouse in October has resigned after her qualifications were questioned, her boss said on Wednesday.

In October, Suzanne Greenaway, the corner in the case, pronounced the famous singer dead in her home in London from accident alcohol poisoning.

Andrew Reid, the coroner for inner north London and the wife of Greenaway, appointed her the job of assistant deputy coroner in London in 2009. Greenaway resigned in November after local officals learned she had not been a registered lawyer for five years as U.K. law requires.

Amy Winehouse was a popular media and tabliod target due to her shocking songs and constant public outbursts.

During her time as an assistant deputy corner, Greenaway resided over 12 inquests in Camden, a borough in north London. According to Reid, all inquests were handled correctly, but Reid offered the families of the deceased reinvestigations if they wanted them.

The Winehouse family has not yet decided if they will ask for a new inquest. If they desire, the family can challenge the inquest, which would declare the old inquest to be invalid.

Any reinvestigation would not likely yield new insight into Winehouse’s death. The first inquest in October included evidence from Winehouse’s doctor, a pathologists, and  the security guard who found her dead. Most importantly, a detective attended first inquest and said he saw three empty vodka bottles in the room that Winehouse was found in.

Winehouse was beloved by many and yet criticized by others. Her problems were constantly made public through headlines about her destructive relationships and erratic behavior. Winehouse’s famous songs such as “Rehab” and “Love Is a Losing Game” evidences that she wrote her songs from real life experiences.          



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