On Monday we were honored to meet Amy Moritz, a sports writer for the Buffalo News. She gave us insight on what it is like to be a sports writer for a big newspaper, as well as information about her background.

The first thing Moritz discussed was how journalists use Twitter in the 21st century and how it changes many aspects of the world of journalism. She talked about Joe Paterno’s death and how some news agencies broke the news before Paterno had actually passed away. I thought it was rather interesting that news agencies were so eager to break the story first that they actually misinformed the public of the death. Had Paterno recovered and lived a few more weeks, I think this story would have been much more publicized and gotten much more attention.

Moritz is a local sports writer for The Buffalo News who covers regional collegiate sports, particularly women's athletics.

Moritz talked also about the way Twitter and the Internet is changing the way she does her job on a day-to-day basis. In the past, Moritz would watch games and begin writing her story before the game was over. After the game was over she would send in her story to The Buffalo News. Now, with the advent of blogging, Moritz has a much more difficult job. She must watch the game, write the story, and also update her blog. By updating her blog at a live event, Moritz gives fans who can’t be there or watch the game, an opportunity to find out what’s happening.

One thing I found particularly interesting is that sports leagues actually limit the amount of blog posts anyone can post during a game. Moritz said that although the NCAA has loose rules with regards to live blogging, other professional sports leagues such as the NHL have regulations on how many posts per minute, period, of game can be put on a blog site. This is meant to protect the content of the game for the leagues. They want fans to watch the game live or on a game tracker online so they can see the advertisements.

Amy runs her own personal blog. She blogs about her experiences running and working out and gives tips to her readers about how to get the most of your workouts.

Finally, Moritz discussed her life as a female sports reporter. Although nowadays sexism isn’t too common, Moritz says that she has, at times, experienced it in the workplace. The fact that she holds a job that is predominately filled with males will sometimes upset people, said Moritz. She gave the example that in some instances people will comment on her stories online and use a sexist tone. Nonetheless, Moritz says it doesn’t bother her too much and few times those things do happen, she just ignores them.


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  1. nicoleshoe says:

    Great summary of Amy’s speech Marc. Also really enjoy how you put her picture and blog screen shot on the page.

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